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Usawa Kwa Wote Party is a fully registered political party in Kenya under Political Parties Act, 2011 with a vision to be a role model for political parties in the country and beyond. The Party mission is to fight for rule of law, democracy, human rights and inclusivity for all Kenyan citizens. The party is guided by principles and values that includes peace, justice, equality, rule of law, respect for human dignity and rights, and national cohesion.

Through our left-wing ideology, we strive to create a society where everyone has equal opportunities and a fair chance at a better life. We aim to bring about positive change and development in Kenya through our goals and objectives.

The party is committed to creating a resource structure that promotes equal sharing of the national cake, and works towards a one man, one vote, one shilling model. We also believe in the power of the people and strive to ensure that every voice is heard and everyone has something to contribute.

Usawa Kwa Wote Party focuses on improving the livelihoods of those at the bottom of the pyramid, such as small-scale traders, farmers, and hawkers, in order to fight inequality.

We believe in creating a society where everyone has a fair and just chance at living a prosperous life, regardless of their social status. Usawa party is against any form of governance based on favoritism or tribalism, and promotes religious tolerance.

We also support good governance, a society free of corruption, separation of powers, and gender equality. 


Usawa kwa Wote Party to Conduct NDC Rally in Bomas

Usawa kwa Wote Party is excited to announce a National Delegates Congress (NDC) Rally at Bomas, featuring the distinguished former Muranga Governor, Mwangi Wa Iria. Join us for an inspiring event where we discuss the party's vision, values, and the path forward for a more inclusive future. Governor Wa Iria's leadership has been instrumental, and his insights promise to enlighten us on crucial matters. Be part of this momentous occasion as we unite under the Usawa kwa Wote banner. The rally at Bomas signifies a collective effort towards progress and unity. Your presence is crucial as we shape a brighter tomorrow together.

Party Leader

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His Excellency Hon Mwangi Wa Iria is the Party Leader of Usawa Kwa Wote. Hon Wa Iria is passionate and dynamic leader who is the immediate former Governor of Murang'a County having served for two consecutive terms. He is a seasoned politician with extensive experience in public and private service as well as community advocacy. His leadership style is characterized by inclusivity, transparency, and fairness. His Excellency Hon Mwangi Wa Iria's political journey started in 2013 when he ran for the Governorship of Murang'a County under the TNA party and emerged victorious. He was re-elected in 2017 under the Jubilee Party. His Excellency Hon Mwangi Wa Iria has been a trailblazer in Murang'a County, initiating various development projects and championing for the welfare of his constituents. Under his leadership, Murang'a County has seen significant development in various sectors, including health, education, infrastructure, and agriculture. He has successfully implemented projects such as the Murang’a Cooperative Creameries, rice project, roads and water projects, various saccos and has also improved healthcare services in the county. As the leader of Usawa Kwa Wote Party, His Excellency Hon Mwangi Wa Iria is dedicated to transforming the political landscape of Kenya by advocating for good governance, fighting for the marginalized and promoting inclusivity and equality for all citizens. He believes that by adhering to the party's guiding principles and values, the country can achieve social justice and a better future for all. Wa Iria has been recognized nationally and internationally for his exemplary leadership and dedication to serving his community. His Excellency Hon Mwangi Wa Iria draws his inspiration from his humble upbringing and his desire to create a better future for all Kenyans. He also derives motivation from his mentors, including former Kenyan President the Late Mwai Kibaki, who he considers a great leader and role model. Hon Mwangi Wa Iria is a visionary leader who is determined to bring positive change to Kenya through Usawa Kwa Wote Party. With his passion for social justice, inclusivity, and good governance, he is an influential figure in Kenyan politics and a force to be reckoned with in shaping the future of the country.

Party Testimonials

  • Usawa Kwa Wote Party has exceeded my expectations with its commitment to inclusivity and forward-thinking policies. As an active member, I've witnessed firsthand the dedication to unity and positive change. The party's values align seamlessly with my own, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose. Usawa Kwa Wote, under the leadership of Governor Mwangi Wa Iria, has proven its dedication to creating an inclusive political landscape. I'm proud to be associated with a party that values diversity, fosters progress, and actively engages in shaping a brighter future for all. Usawa Kwa Wote is more than a party; it's a movement for positive transformation.

    David Njeru Nthua

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